Les premiers territoires de l`innovation ouverte

Première Charte au monde des Territoires de l’innovation ouverte a été signée en 2017 dans la région PACA comme solution d’implémentation des outils et stratégies concrètes d`innovation collaborative:

  1. La méthode DRL-TRL (Paun, 2010) dans les processus collaboratifs (DRL – Demand Readiness Level, échelle de maturité de la demande d`innovation a été créée par Dr. Florin Paun en 2009 et publiée dans les articles scientifiques en 2010 pour compléter le TRL – NASA – car l`innovation ouverte est un processus collaboratif et non pas seulement transactionnel. La Méthode DRL-TRL est utilisée par des Grands Groupes (Pacte PME), les territoires et Pôles de Compétitivités, les étudiants et doctorants (Ecole de l`Innovation ANRT), etc.
  2. Le contrat de Risque et Bénéfices partagés (Paun, 2009) a été créé par Dr. Florin Paun et son équipe à l’Onera grâce notamment à un travail d’analyse structurelle des blocages, solutions et objectifs pour faciliter les solutions de compensation des asymétries identifiées par Dr. Florin Paun dans son travail avec les Start up et PME innovantes : asymétries de risque, de culture professionnelle, de temporalité, etc. Continuer à lire.


Published by: PhD. Florin Paun

Experienced in multi sector Industries, having been successful Scientist and R&D Coordinator myself, I chose to dedicate my professional life in helping other researchers to make come true their technological dreams by embracing a career in Innovation to support them in bridging the gap between new Technologies and Market. Scientists being more “Knowledge oriented”, one of my constant struggles was to complete the Entrepreneurial team with the right Entrepreneur on board… or reveal the “Entrepreneur” in them. Based on my multidisciplinary engineering background, evolving constantly in a multicultural environment, I upgraded my knowledge with innovation economics at MIT Sloan (in this particular positive tension environment) and started to learn operationally hands-on through successes and failures. Thus, I have seen, understood and qualified more than 200 projects of Innovation and Entrepreneurial ventures based on Advanced Technologies. More than 70ty of them become successful Technology Transfer agreements under my coordination and through amazing “champions” teams’ efforts I always built and sustained. All through my career I had the chance to be actively involved in Shaping Ecosystems and work with all the actors on their strategies of Innovation and Growth while launching R&D consortia, launching Agile Tech-Demonstrators or supporting Business Development for Competitiveness Clusters, Large Corporations, Start-Ups and R&D Laboratories. Shaping Ecosystems and Clustering Technologies around Business Cases carried-out by right Entre(Intra)preneurial teams is thus now a Belief. I also had the chance to understand that although important, the Human aspects are not enough to bring ideas to life through successful applications on the targeted market… Process, practices, tools are extremely important too and thus I developed new tools like, Asymmetries Compensation within Collaborative Innovation process, Demand Readiness Level vs Technology Readiness Level, Risk & Benefits Sharing Co-Development Contracts… this brought me to become an Expert in Challenging Business Models, in Selecting and Qualifying Innovation Projects and Ventures and… have the honor to become an European Innovation Council Jury Pilot Member. Myself as Multidisciplinary Scientist, Entrepreneur, Investor, Lecturer, Speaker & Innovation Advocate, I will be honored to meet passionate and hard worker entrepreneurs serving their dreams and the future of the humanity.

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